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Katarzyna Kapis



Academic year:2015/2016
Full name of the student:Katarzyna Kapis
Home university:Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
Field of study:Political Science
Period of the stay at UCM:Accademic year 2015/2016
  • When and where did you hear about UCM first?

I get information for the first time from Erasmus +  exchange programs documents on my Home University.

  • Which factors inspired you to study at UCM?

Mostly the possibility to continue my study period at Faculty of Social Science at UCM.

  • What was the language of instruction at UCM? Did you also take part in the language preparation – Slovak Language Course after your arrival? If so, how do you find it?

Main used language was English. All instructions was available in English. I have taken part in Slovak Language Course. I get know about this course from International Relations Office.

  • Please describe in a few words, how your study was carried out at UCM (level of study and assessment methods, i. e. attendance in lectures, project work, written or oral exams, etc…).

I were very satisfied from the level of study at UCM. I obtained practise knowledge from lectures and other seminar works activites. The theoretical knowledge of lectures was on very good level. Communications with the teachers was without any problems.

  • Where did you live? In case, you stayed in a university dormitory, write its name, please. Express the level of your satisfaction with the accommodation and its price.

I stayed at Dormitory of M. Uhra in Trnava. It provides accomodation in very comfortable rooms in the reasonable prices.  It was a pleasure to stay there with the company of inhabitants.

  • Please, express the level of your satisfaction with the accessibility of study materials, access to the university library and study rooms, PC, internet, canteen at UCM

The UCM provides full access to the Library, study rooms with PC (internet) and canteen. I were very satisfied from organisation of academic services.

  • Which facilities did you miss during your stay at UCM?

I didn’t to miss any kind of facilities.

  • Did you succeed to integrate with Slovak students or other international students in Trnava?

Yes. I get contact with Slovak students as well with international students.

  • How can you assess other aspects of your stay – transport, food, weather, people, sport and cultural events in Trnava?

The City Trnava is very interesting for visitors with many cultural events in public area. I didn’t found trouble situations with transport and basics needs like food.

  • Did you encounter any serious problems?

No I didn’t found myself in that kind of situations.

  • If possible, add any other comments relating to your stay at UCM
  • Please evaluate generally your stay at UCM (1-bad, 5-perfect).

I can describe my stay it in total for 4 – very good.

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