Úvod Boli u nás Jérôme Scandale

Jérôme Scandale



Academic year:2016/2017
Full name of the student:Jérôme Scandale
Home university:Université de Rouen
Field of study:Foreign languages English/Spanish
Period of the stay at UCM:2 semesters (9 months)


  • When and where did you hear about UCM first?

I heard about UCM in France, when I was studying in my home university. It was one of the host universities available regarding the Erasmus+ exchange program.

  • Which factors inspired you to study at UCM?

The fact that all my classes were going to be taught in English, and also because it was very close from what I was studying in France.


  • What was the language of instruction at UCM? Did you also take part in the language preparation – Slovak Language Course after your arrival? If so, how do you find it?

The language of instruction was English. Yes I had some Slovak Language Courses during the first semester. It was very interesting and helping for the daily life in Slovakia.


  • Please describe in a few words, how your study was carried out at UCM (level of study and assessment methods, i. e. attendance in lectures, project work, written or oral exams, etc…).

The level of study was very good. The system is very different from the French one but I think it is better. Here I had a lot of presentations to do and I think it is something important which help you to improve your English. I had both lectures and seminaries classes, and both oral and written exams. Again, for the examination system, here it is different than in France but I also think it is better.


  • Where did you live? In case, you stayed in a university dormitory, write its name, please. Express the level of your satisfaction with the accommodation and its price.

I lived in the UCM dormitory. It is a small dormitory for 6 people but it is cheap, 50€ a month for students. Maybe the fridge is too small for 6 people. And also there is no living room or some room available for students during the day and the night.


  • Please, express the level of your satisfaction with the accessibility of study materials, access to the university library and study rooms, PC, internet, canteen at UCM

It was perfect with everything, nothing to add.


  • Which facilities did you miss during your stay at UCM?

I didn’t miss anything.

  • Did you succeed to integrate with Slovak students or other international students in Trnava?

Definitely yes. This year here was perfect especially for that. Lots of international people from everywhere !


  • How can you assess other aspects of your stay – transport, food, weather, people, sport and cultural events in Trnava?

The transport is really good, especially the train as it is free for students. The food is very different from my country, there was some things I couldn‘t find here. The weather is great in summer but very cold during winter ! People are nice. It is very easy here to do some sports for free ! And there was nice cultural events too. Trnava is a great city.


  • Did you encounter any serious problems?

No, not at all.


  • If possible, add any other comments relating to your stay at UCM

I just want to say that my stay at UCM but also in Slovakia was really amazing. I am very happy for having chosen this place as my Erasmus destination. I have no regret, this year was just great !

  • Please evaluate generally your stay at UCM (1-bad, 5-perfect).



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